About Hayley

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Hey, I’m Hayley. A bit about me.


🥇 Certified Gallup Strengths Coach. It is magic watching people tap into their own greatest strengths & find the best path to get what they want. I love being a thinking partner & in someone’s corner as they identify & achieve what they are excited about.

🌏 Coaching individuals & teams globally. Remote coaching means working with people everywhere from Canada to Germany, and my home of New Zealand. I coach freelancers to tech giants like Shopify, Zendesk & GitLab.

🧠 I’m a psychology nerd. I majored in psychology, and applied positive psychology is my jam. Positive psychology is the field that looks at all the good stuff, like well-being, growth, happiness & fulfilment. Findings come from a scientifically-based and empirically-tested process.

💻 I’m a tech leader. Spearheading & leading the Shopify Merchant Success Team for APAC, my team managed the biggest brands & most technically complex merchants using the Shopify platform, totalling over half a billion in gross merchant value.

🚀 I’m an entrepreneur. I have built three businesses, including a runner-up in Shopify’s internal build-a-business competition. With each entrepreneurial venture, I got clearer on the ideal business model for me, to meet my goals for freedom, fulfilment and making a meaningful difference.

Now, let's talk about you!

Does this sound familiar?

🏆 You are a high-achiever who is leading a remote team.
💻 You bring expertise but seek greater leadership impact.
🤔 You want to excel in giving feedback, delivering results, and fostering team engagement.
🛑 You sometimes doubt yourself, focusing on weaknesses over strengths.

I've been there too. In 2017, I transitioned from an individual contributor to leading a remote team, facing imposter syndrome and skill gaps. At Shopify, I learned the key: leadership isn't about being better at their jobs; it's about a new skill set.

My game-changer? Strengths-based coaching. It uncovers your unique strengths and those of your team. Once you unlock this tool with your team, you have a dashboard to drive impact with ease, excellence & joy. 

I blend leadership experience with evidence-based coaching and applied psychology to help you (and your team):


💥 Clarify your vision & purpose
💡 Break through roadblocks
🌟 Maximize your impact
💪 Leverage your strengths daily
🧠 Manage self-doubt
💡 Foster innovation
🔗 Strengthen stakeholder engagement
🏁 Obtain your goals
🤸🏻‍♀️ Improve wellbeing


Imagine the difference this could make for you and your team.

Connect with me to explore how we can unlock your best leadership blueprint.

If this resonates, let's talk. No hard sell, no sky-high pricing, only progressing with a 'definite yes' on both sides!

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My areas of expertise:

  • Remote working
  • Team leaders & managers
  • Business owners & entrepreneurs
  • Shopify merchants
  • Aspiring and new leaders
  • Tech, e-commerce, start-ups
  • Digital by design
  • Asynchronous working

My background gives me the following experiences to draw upon:

  • Leadership as a craft: it’s a different skill set than being good at the job of those you lead
  • Remote teams: fostering great work when you're not in-person
  • Strengths-based principles: do your best work by applying your natural talents
  • Entrepreneurship: the art of knowing what to do, when you don’t know what to do
  • E-commerce: creating and scaling online businesses
  • Start-up environments: navigating steep learning curves, large workloads, and change
  • Customer success: driving better outcomes for clients
  • Recruitment: matching people with their best roles
  • Self-care: you can only give from a place of excess
  • Working globally: collaborating across time zones and cultures


  • Bachelor of Psychology, University of Auckland
  • Diploma in Workplace Coaching & Mentoring, New Zealand Coaching & Mentoring Centre
  • Certified Strengths Coach, Gallup
  • International Coaching Federation Member

Top 5 CliftonStrengths:

  • Positivity | Adaptability | Relator | Developer | Maximizer